Compliance with JHU’s Policy on Safety of Children in University Programs

December 2019

When a human subjects research study produces knowledge or suspicion of reportable child abuse or neglect, the JHU policy on Safety of Children in University Programs requires reporting to the local authorities and to the JHU General Counsel’s Office. If the report is about a Baltimore resident or occurs within the Baltimore jurisdiction, the PI should report the incident to Baltimore CPS and to the jurisdiction where the abuse alleged occurred (if different than Baltimore City). Here are the standard instructions for reporting:

(1) In Maryland, please file within 48 hours an oral report with Baltimore City or Baltimore County CPS (or other Md. County), as applicable. The phone numbers are available here. CPS may refuse to take a report (e.g., because the alleged abuse occurred outside Md.). You should nevertheless state that you want to proceed with filing a report and request that it be filed, and follow up with the written report in point (2) below.

(2) Please follow up on your call with a written report to CPS using the form available You can fax the form. The fax numbers are available here.

(3) The details that should be conveyed in both the oral and written reports should be the same, and include the following, to the extent available. Please state "N/A" if you do not know the requested information in the Md. form.

  1. Name, age, and home address of the child.
  2. Name and home address of the child's parent or other person who is responsible for the child's care.
  3. Present location of the child.
  4. Nature and extent of the suspected abuse or neglect of the child, including any evidence or information available to you concerning possible
  5. previous instances of abuse or neglect.
  6. Information that would help to determine the cause of the suspected abuse or neglect.
  7. Information that would help to determine the identity of any person suspected to be responsible for the abuse or neglect.
  8. Other relevant information (e.g., presence of minors in household or in care of suspected abuser).

(4) You should document for your files all of your efforts, including the dates and times of calls, and the names, titles and contact information for all officials with whom you communicate, and retain a copy of written reports and any other written communications (including all emails) with officials, and the fax confirmation for the written report.

(5) Please follow above steps for your report in any other jurisdictions applicable.

(6) JHU's Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs requires that you notify the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) that you have filed the oral and written reports required, and provide OGC with a copy of the written report. You can do this by email to Gerard St. Ours ([email protected]) in OGC.