Web Access to IRB Application Status

April 2004

The JHM IRB offers web site access to check the status of IRB applications to faculty and to administrative staff who are authorized by a department to access protocol information for grant purposes.

Department administrators who wish access to the website, to check the access of their applications, for themselves or for their staff should send the list of individuals with justification for the request. Requests for access should be directed to the attention of Ms. Kathryn Jeter, in the Office of Human Subjects Research, at [email protected]. Once such authorization has been granted, the departments are responsible for assuring that only authorized individuals have access to the site.

The Web address is: https://www.insidehopkinsmedicine.org/rpms/

Faculty members may search for and view only the protocols for which they are the listed principal investigator. Designated administrators may search for and view protocols for the department. Access requires use of a JHED ID. Individuals who do not have a JHED ID may request permission to access the site as an investigator, but must provide justification for this request. The information is located on a secure server that will allow access only from Hopkins' workstations. The site will provide a history of materials received and actions taken since January 1, 2002. Of course, the site is only as good as the data entered. The IRB staff have worked hard to ensure accurate data entry but please let us know if you have any concerns about the data. Questions regarding the data presented for individual protocols may be sent from the Search screen directly to the IRB e-mail sites using the "Questions and Comments" line at the top right of the page.

Questions from departmental administrative staff regarding the review process of the JHM IRBs should be sent directly to the respective Associate IRB Managers. All other Web sites containing information on protocols have been taken down from the Hopkins Intranet and the new site is the only one that will contain updated protocol specific information.