Administration of Gadolinium for Research MRI Procedures

February 2022

Effective February 1, 2022, research MRI scans involving Gadolinium contrast agents (GBCA) will follow identical screening and administration policies as JHMI clinical MRI. These guidelines can be found at:

In accordance with the 2018 guidelines from the American College of Radiology, renal function screening is not required prior to administration of Gd contrast agent (GBCA) if ALL of the following criteria are met:

  • The research subject will receive a single dose of Group II GBCA (i.e. Gadavist, MultiHance, Dotarem, Prohance) for the current study
  • The research subject has not received a prior dose of GBCA in the past 24 hours
  • The research subject is not on dialysis; if the subject is on dialysis, GBCA can be administered so long as dialysis will be performed within 24 hours of the scan being completed

In all other instances (examples including, but not limited to, administration of a double dose of group II GBCA, or any dose of a NON-group II GBCA, or cases where one or more of the above criteria are not met), renal function screening (POCT creatinine/eGFR) is required as described in detail in the above PDF file.

It is the Principal Investigator’s Responsibility to ensure that the protocol aligns with the above clinical criteria if renal function screening will not be planned. If the protocol does not align with these criteria, it is the PI’s responsibility to incorporate a plan for renal function screening and incorporate language in the consent form to describe the need for this screening and risks of the use of the contrast agent proposed.

These guidelines apply to all studies initially approved on February 1, 2022 or later. If a study team wishes to revise an existing protocol to align with these new guidelines, a change in research (CIR) must be submitted to the IRB for review.