Johns Hopkins AHA Obesity Center


Strategically Focused Research Networks

Center Specific Aims

Aim 1 will be to investigate the effects of time-restricted feeding on obesity and cardiometabolic outcomes, through the conduct of the basic, clinical and population projects described below.

Aim 2 will be to train a cadre of translational researchers in obesity and CVD research through a specially designed Training Program.

Aim 3 will be to participate fully in the AHA SFRN Program, and develop robust new collaborations across already funded Centers, including with the Hopkins Go Red for Women Center, and with the new Obesity Centers. (See Center Collaboration Section for details.)

Center Director: Jeanne Marie Clark, MD, MPH

Training Director: Edgar (Pete) R. Miller, III, MD, PhD

Basic Project PI:Rexford S. Ahima, MD, PhD

Clinical Project PI: Nisa M. Maruthur, MD, MHS

Population Project PI: Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH

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