GIM Research


Hopkins GIM researchers have built internationally recognized research programs in a wide range of fields, employing a full range of research techniques, methods and procedures in their efforts to generate and disseminate the knowledge required to prevent disease and its consequences. All of this co-exists with the practice of general internal medicine at the highest level of excellence whether in the office, the clinic or the historic wards of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Follow the links below to explore Hopkins GIM research by content area, methodology, center, or research faculty.

Research Resources Requests and Sharing

If you have research-related resources that you are willing to share with other GIM faculty members or you are in need of resources, please contact us.

We will use this information as a way to understand what needs and resources are in GIM and attempt to match up faculty so that needs can be met.

Research resources available from individual faculty members may be donated or may be available for payment.


Available Clinical Trials

For a complete list of available clinical trials, please visit the database at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). You can also search by condition, researcher or doctor’s name.