Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (BIDS) Section

Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (BIDS) is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and experts who:

  • aim to improve our knowledge and practice of biomedicine and healthcare
  • change and improve biomedical data
  • support analyses and inference
  • use new knowledge through systems engineering in clinical workflows

Johns Hopkins BIDS has extensive experience with:

  • integrating, harmonizing, and annotating biomedical knowledge and data
  • translational research and decision support
  • health information technology data standards efforts
  • leading and evaluating decision and digital health interventions based on these data insights at the patient, clinician, and populations levels
  • contributing to Johns Hopkins’ infrastructure and initiatives that extend informatics capabilities to our investigators and the greater community

BIDS research seeks to apply these principles through extramurally-funded projects that leverage our strengths while contributing to translational science.

Our educational programs enable students, faculty, and technical staff to learn and master biomedical informatics and data science principles, methods, and skills. Our active, hands-on curriculum offers balance between theory and practice and includes:

  • data generation
  • management
  • semantic and syntactic harmonization
  • biostatistical analyses
  • decision analysis
  • leveraging our portfolio of funded research activities as frameworks for advanced learning and experience

Learn more about BIDS graduate programs.