BLOCS: Building Lifestyle, Outcomes, and Care Services Research in Cancer

The program for “Building Lifestyle, Outcomes, and Care Services Research in Cancer (BLOCS)” was formed to create a community for researchers and clinicians, staff and trainees, to pursue behavioral, outcomes, and health services research projects in cancer. By establishing collaborations and developing career pathways for leaders and mentees, BLOCS aims to strengthen research and progress on these topics at the local level, with impacts nationally and internationally. The Cancer Outcomes & Health Services Research Interest Group is affiliated with BLOCS and hosts monthly lunchtime seminars  that provide an opportunity to share ongoing and planned research projects.

BLOCS has three Research Concentrations, each of which addresses two goals:

  • Symptoms & Quality of Life
    • Make assessment of symptoms and quality of life routine
    • Improve quality-of-life and symptom measurement and management
  • Communication & Education
    • Develop tools and training for communication and education
    • Improve goal-oriented planning and decision-making
  • Outcomes & Quality
    • Develop and evaluate systems, processes, and tools to improve transitions
    • Improve measurement of outcomes and quality

BLOCS’ value arises from creating a community, which will enable (1) collaborations to leverage the experience of others, (2) streamlined efforts to avoid duplication, and (3) cooperative projects that can be conducted on a larger scale and with bigger impact. We look forward to Building Lifestyle, Outcomes, and Care Services Research in Cancer together.

BLOCS Executive Committee

Symptoms & Quality of Life Liaisons

Communication & Education Liaisons

Outcomes & Quality Liaison

Advisory Board