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Johns Hopkins Pain Symposium

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Opioid Stewardship across the Care Continuum

September 25, 2017

The epidemic of overdose deaths in the United States has made clear the need for hospitals and health care systems to develop and implement effective opioid stewardship programs. Spanning inpatient and outpatient services, opioid stewardship ensures that patients receive appropriate pain management within all regulations while preventing new cases of opioid addiction. Yet, given the infancy of stewardship programs, we need to better identify and spread best practices.

This symposium focused on trends in pain management and opioid stewardship across the United States, recent regulatory changes that impact prescribing of opioids, and strategies for clinicians to effectively manage patients' pain while making judicious use of opioids.

Topics Covered

  • What opioid stewardship means in a hospital or health system setting, and how to translate it into practice
  • “Precision medicine” for pain: personalized approaches for opioid prescribing and other pain treatments
  • Non-opioid and non-pharmacological pain management therapies
  • Interdisciplinary treatment programs for patients with chronic pain
  • Treatment of patients in pain who also have substance abuse disorders
  • The impact of CDC guidelines, Joint Commission standards and new HCAHPS measures for pain management and opioid prescribing
  • Public health approaches to support better care of patients in pain and decrease the burden of the opioid epidemic
  • State-level initiatives to reduce opioid abuse and improve addiction treatment

See the agenda for details on speakers and topics.

Event Recording

Videos of Pain Symposium talks will be made available to registrants, as well as all Johns Hopkins employees and students. Check back for a link to these recordings.



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