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Center for Diagnostic Excellence

A growing body of evidence shows that diagnostic errors are the most common, catastrophic and costly of all medical errors. They are difficult to identify and often go unrecognized until it is too late. The science of diagnostic safety and quality remains underdeveloped and underfunded.

The center, which is the first of its kind in the world, provides a unique, collaborative, transdisciplinary environment for clinicians, researchers, engineers and data experts to work together to tackle the challenges of medical misdiagnosis.The Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence was borne out of a need to address this dangerous and costly problem. Housed in the Armstrong Institute and led by Dr. David Newman-Toker, a world leader in diagnostic error research, the center plans to eliminate preventable patient harms from diagnostic errors.

The Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence

Johns Hopkins Medicine announced the opening of the Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence. The center, led by David Newman-Toker, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurology and otolaryngology and an internationally-recognized leader in diagnostic research and diagnostic safety, will enhance diagnostic accuracy, cut waste on unnecessary diagnostic testing, and move the needle on eliminating preventable harms from diagnostic errors worldwide. This Center is part of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality.

The Impact of Diagnostic Errors

Diagnostic errors will likely touch each of us in our lifetimes.

  • An estimated 12 million Americans are affected each year, and perhaps one-third are harmed as a result.
  • These errors may account for 40,000 to 80,000 preventable deaths annually in U.S. hospitals.

Though appropriate use of diagnostic tests can help combat diagnostic errors and add value to patient-centered care, more testing alone will not deliver diagnostic value. The costs of advanced diagnostic tests are spiraling upward faster than any sector of the health care industry, and inappropriate overuse of diagnostic tests will only multiply the costs. Diagnostic error and diagnostic test overuse are global problems requiring bold, innovative solutions.


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Center Initiatives
Read how the center's first major initiative aims to reduce stroke misdiagnosis at Johns Hopkins.

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