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The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality aims to reduce preventable harm, improve clinical outcomes and experiences and reduce waste in health care delivery at Johns Hopkins and around the world.

    • Eliminating medical errors and complications of care
    • Enhancing clinical and patient-reported outcomes for all patients
    • Delivering patient- and family-centered care
    • Ensuring clinical excellence
    • Improving health care efficiency and value
    • Eliminating health care disparities
    • Creating a culture that values collaboration, accountability and organizational learning

    The institute’s work has an impact on patients at Johns Hopkins Medicine, a $8.9 billion integrated global health enterprise, and beyond.

  • Within Johns Hopkins Medicine, the institute coordinates safety and quality improvement efforts across our corporate health system, such as programs to reduce preventable complications and infections, and to consistently deliver evidence-based care. The institute also supports the scholarly activity of faculty in improving safety and quality and provides consultative services and technical support to hospitals and departments.

    The institute develops and delivers training programs and other educational resources that increase the ability of JHM faculty and staff to carry out work that prevents errors and complications, improves patient outcomes and enhances value. Efforts to measure, track and broadly report performance on safety and quality measures within Johns Hopkins Medicine are also led by the institute.

  • With Johns Hopkins as its laboratory, the institute also develops and tests solutions in safety and quality improvement that can then be shared with and spread throughout the world.

    The institute has designed and implemented large-scale quality and safety improvement projects at the state and national levels that have saved lives, reduced suffering and averted health care spending. The institute is currently leading several collaborative projects focused on improving the culture of safety and preventing complications. The results of our efforts have been published in high-impact journals and have informed public health policy.

    In addition to targeting specific harms, the institute also seeks to fix the flawed and poorly coordinated systems that make errors, complications and poorly coordinated care more likely. By convening stakeholders and experts from the many sectors influencing health care—clinicians, industry, policymakers, patients and others—we seek solutions to the complex challenges facing health care.

  • Mission

    We partner with patients, their loved ones and all interested parties to end preventable harm, to continuously improve patient outcomes and experience, and to eliminate waste in health care.


    Saving lives by leading the world in patient safety and quality care.


    The Armstrong Institute seeks to embody the core values of Johns Hopkins Medicine:

    • Excellence and discovery
    • Leadership and integrity
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Respect and collegiality

    The institute also seeks to embody the core values of:

    • Patient- and family-centered care
    • Transparency
    • Strategy

    We will realize our goals by:

    • Advancing the science of patient safety and quality
    • Building organizational capacity for improvement through training and supportive infrastructure
    • Designing, implementing and evaluating interventions
    • Listening, learning and sharing

    Core behaviors

    • I am humble and curious.
    • I respect, appreciate and help others.
    • I am accountable to continuously improve myself, my organization and my community.

Join the Armstrong Team

The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality seeks talented individuals who share our commitment to reducing preventable harm to patient, improving patient outcomes and experiences, and reducing waste in health care.


Collaborate with Armstrong

The Armstrong Institute believes in the power of collaboration to solve the quality and safety challenges facing health care today. There are several opportunities to engage with us, whether you work at Johns Hopkins or at another organization.

  • Hospitals and others can take part in large-scale improvement efforts that aim to eliminate preventable harm and improve patient outcomes and experiences. You can subscribe to email updates to be informed of future opportunities.

    Join our Email List

  • Hospitals, health systems and state hospital associations can seek to join the CUSP Learning Network, a community committed to implementing and sustaining the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program. Members share best practices, work together to overcome challenges, consult with one another on common problems and develop recommendations for CUSP adopters everywhere.

  • Members of the Johns Hopkins community are invited to seek help from the Armstrong Institute to further their research and improvement projects in patient safety and quality. Learn more.

  • Researchers at Johns Hopkins University can apply to become core or associate faculty, and researchers from other organizations can seek appointments as visiting faculty members. Get details .

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