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Medical Student Education

As part of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Wilmer Eye Institute offers opportunities for current and visiting medical students to learn more about the field of ophthalmology.


Additional Programs and Resources

  • A medical student run group that provides support for medical students contemplating or planning on a career in ophthalmology. The group is responsible for hosting a number of events that provide the means for students to network with residents and faculty, practice technical skills, and learn about ophthalmology, research, and the match process.

    Student leader contacts:
    Grace Xiao -
    Nathan Pah-Doh -

  • Founded in 2012 to address a community-defined need for improved access to ophthalmological care in East Baltimore, the program is primarily run by medical students, overseen by a dedicated faculty mentor, and aided by numerous faculty volunteers.

    The faculty ophthalmologists train medical students in all techniques necessary to conduct community-based vision screenings and personally supervise those screenings. Screenings include measurement of Snellen visual acuity, pupil examination, intraocular pressure by rebound tonometry, FDT automated perimetry, Panoptic direct ophthalmoscopy, and optical coherence tomography of the macula and optic nerve.

    Additionally, Wilmer ophthalmologists provide pro bono care for any patients screened by SSSP who is found to have an abnormal screening result. Since its founding, the program has operated continuously with a medical student executive board elected annually. As of the 2020-21 academic year, it has conducted 44 vision screening events involving 257 trained JHU medical student volunteers and 1130 community residents of the greater Baltimore area. The program has arranged for ophthalmologic evaluation and treatment for 416 patients who were screened in the community, and provided more than 70 pairs of free glasses to patients with refractive error.

    ARTICLE: Student-led Volunteer Group Gives Free Vision Screenings and Follow-up Care to Baltimore Residents

    Student leader contacts:
    Heba Mahjoub -
    Christina Ambrosino -

    Faculty advisor:
    Dr. Thomas Johnson III -


Stuart Fine Award

The Stuart and Ellie Fine Award is given annually for the best research project performed by a Johns Hopkins medical student.

  • Hursuong Vongsachang (2021)
  • Samantha Ip (2020)
  • Moon Jeong Lee (2019

Stephen Ryan Award

The Stephen Ryan Award is given annually to the most promising Johns Hopkins medical student who has matched into an ophthalmology residency.

  • Chris Cho (2021)
  • Moon Jeong Lee (2020)
  • Shazia Dharssi (2019)

Dana Center Award

The Dana Center Award is given to the student who has performed the best research in epidemiology or public health.

  • Cindy Chen (2021)
  • Michael Kashaf (2020)
  • Hursuong Vongsachang (2019)

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Wilmer Eye Institute Residency Program

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The Wilmer Ophthalmology Residency Program's mission is to train the future academic leaders in ophthalmology.

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