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Cultivating Tomorrow's Medical Leaders Today Students in front of the Dome

What makes a medical school great? At the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, it's our rich history combined with the latest technology and medical innovations. But, it's more than that: What makes us great is the passion for medicine and healing shared by our faculty and students, a dedication that permeates everything we do.


Prerequisites and Requirements

What are the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine prerequisites and requirements?

  • Application Process

    Thank you for your interest in Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Now let’s get started.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question? Here are some of our frequently asked questions with answers from the Assistant Dean for Admissions.

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  • M.D. Curriculum

    Learn more about the Genes to Society curriculum for aspiring medical students.

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  • Diversity at the School of Medicine

    We consider diversity as one of the core components of medical education.

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  • Colleges Advisory Program (CAP)

    The Colleges Advisory Program supports individual students in their growth and development through one on one advising around academic performance, career exploration, identity formation, and personal awareness.

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Why Choose the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine?

We believe there are many measures that show the value in medical education at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Application Timeline

Mark your calendar: See a list of important dates and deadlines for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine M.D. admissions process.


About our Curriculum

Genes to Society | Technology

In the Genes to Society curriculum, proven educational methods are adapted for the 21st century. Using a mix of tools in a variety of settings, students are able to engage in ways we could not have imagined 20 years ago.

Graduate Profile | Meghana Desale

School of Medicine graduate Meghana Desale talks about international health and health policy opportunities that she enjoyed as early as her first year.

Genes to Society | People

Johns Hopkins medical students are an immensely bright and talented group of people. Our job at the School of Medicine is to impart them with the knowledge and training to help them realize their vast potential to become tomorrow’s leaders.


A Curriculum for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Baltimore harbor

Experience Baltimore

Called “Charm City” for a reason, Baltimore is a place that has a little something for everybody. Baltimore is a spirited city – a unique blend of historic charm, cultural heritage and urban vitality. With hanging out at the Inner Harbor, attending neighborhood festivals, biking to school and more, Johns Hopkins medical students, graduate students and residents have a lot to love about Baltimore.

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