Combined Degree Programs

Students pose together wearing their white coats.

M.D./M.B.A. Degree

The curriculum of the M.D./M.B.A. program reflects the requirements and content of the Medical School Genes to Society curriculum. This dual degree program is designed with two basic pathways; each requires a slightly different process.

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M.D./Ph.D. Degree

Approximately 10 percent of students at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine pursue a combined M.D.-Ph.D. degree , which offers unrivaled preparation for careers in academic medicine, government or private research. This six- to eight-year course of study offers extraordinary flexibility and can be individualized in numerous ways depending on the student’s goals and interests. The breadth of Johns Hopkins' basic science endeavors means that students can choose their Ph.D. specialization from almost any area of the biomedical sciences.

For the first two years, M.D.-Ph.D. candidates typically follow much the same course of study as their M.D. candidate classmates. After the students complete one or more clinical clerkships, however, they embark on an uninterrupted three- to four-year program of graduate study. They will return to the hospital later to complete required and elective clinical rotations.

At Johns Hopkins, Ph.D. students work closely with some of the world's leading basic scientists in an environment that is collaborative and collegial. Regular “evening discussions" feature top scientists leading relaxed conversations about career paths. The annual M.D.-Ph.D. retreat enables students to share insights and make presentations. Such a vibrant learning environment yields outstanding results, with recent graduates landing coveted positions on the leading edge of biomedical research.

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M.D./MS HCM Degree (M.S. in Health Care Management)

The MS in Health Care Management degree gives students the knowledge and experience to apply relevant business skills to this dynamic industry. Through action-based learning and analytical approaches, students deepen their knowledge of the key players within the health care ecosystem. Students who wish to pursue this program must first notify their School of Medicine advisor and will be referred to the Carey Business School to complete their application for admission. The option of taking the masters program between second and third years of medical school or between third and fourth year exists. The decision about which is best for each individual student should be made with the advisor and the office of student affairs. They must complete an application for admission by June 1 of either their second or third year in the MD program in order to be considered for the MS program after their second or third year respectively. View Carey’s application deadlines for the MS Health Care Management programs. 

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