Medical Student Education

As part of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Wilmer Eye Institute offers opportunities for current and visiting medical students to learn more about the field of ophthalmology.

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Stuart Fine Award

The Stuart and Ellie Fine Award is given annually for the best research project performed by a Johns Hopkins medical student.

  • Alex Pham (2023)
  • Ugochi Aguwa (2022)
  • Hursuong Vongsachang (2021)
  • Samantha Ip (2020)
  • Moon Jeong Lee (2019)

Stephen Ryan Award

The Stephen Ryan Award is given annually to the most promising Johns Hopkins medical student who has matched into an ophthalmology residency.

  • Sarah Miller (2023)
  • Yesha Shan (2022)
  • Chris Cho (2021)
  • Moon Jeong Lee (2020)
  • Shazia Dharssi (2019)

Dana Center Award

The Dana Center Award is given to the student who has performed the best research in epidemiology or public health.

  • Daisy Dai (2023)
  • Yesha Shah (2022)
  • Cindy Chen (2021)
  • Michael Kashaf (2020)
  • Hursuong Vongsachang (2019)

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Student Education Faculty and Staff

Maliya Johnson - Student Education Coordinator

Medical Student Training at the Wilmer Eye Institute

Wilmer Faculty Member and former medical student, Dr. Thomas Johnson, describes the experience of being a part of the Wilmer Medical Student Program.

Wilmer Eye Institute Residency Program

The Wilmer Ophthalmology Residency Program's mission is to train the future academic leaders in ophthalmology.