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Immunization Requirements

Do I have to use the JHUSOM visiting student immunization record form?

While JHUSOM prefers that you submit our Visiting Student Immunization Record form as part of the application process, a substitute form is permitted if it contains documentation of the immunizations required on the JHUSOM form and is signed by a health care provider.  You may attach additional health documentation, as needed.

What immunizations are required by JHUSOM?

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has recently adopted the use of the AAMC standardized immunization form, which is part of our requirements for application as a visiting medical student.  If you have health-related questions about completing this form, please contact University Health Services directly as their staff will be reviewing the completed application.

What is the policy for the influenza vaccination?

Included in the immunization record form is the requirement for a yearly influenza vaccination. Please see the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine flu vaccination requirements for more information.

How will I know if my immunization record form is accepted?

The immunization record form is sent to University Health Services (UHS) for review.  UHS will only contact you by email if your immunization record form is incomplete; if you do not receive an email from UHS, your immunization record form has been approved.  If UHS contacts you regarding an incomplete application, it is your responsibility to submit the missing information directly to UHS (NOT the Visiting Student Coordinator) in order to receive clearance to begin your elective.  When UHS has cleared you to start your elective, UHS will notify the Visiting Student Coordinator.  You will not be allowed to begin your rotation without this clearance.

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