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School of Medicine Contacts


Graduate Programs Directors and Admissions Contacts

The Office of Graduate Biomedical Education is available to answer your questions about the application process, general inquiries and requests for information. For information regarding program requirements, please contact the appropriate program staff member below.

Office of Graduate Biomedical Education

  • Associate Dean, Graduate Biomedical Education: Peter Espenshade, Ph.D., (he/him/his)
  • Assistant Dean, Graduate Biomedical Education & Student Diversity: Andrea S. Young, Ph.D.,(she/her/hers)
  • Director of Academic Affairs and Innovation: Arhonda Gogos, Ph.D., (she/her/hers)
  • Admissions and Academic Operations Officer: Jasmine Griffin, B.S., (she/her/hers)
  • Assistant Director, Student Experience & Diversity: Kristina Nance, M.S., (she/her/hers)
  • Graduate Student Experience Coordinator: Sage Magness, M.A., (they/them/theirs)
  • Senior Administrative Coordinator: Vanesa Tillman, A.A., (she/her/hers)

Office of Graduate Biomedical Education
1830 E. Monument Street, Suite 620
Baltimore, MD 21287
410-614-3385 (voice)
General Information:
Admissions question:

Graduate Programs

Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Rachel Green
Deputy Director: Dr. Arhonda Green
Admissions Director: Dr. Erin Goley
Senior Academic Program Coordinator: Ericka Diaz

Biological Chemistry (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Steve Gould
Program Co-Director: Dr. Ryuyu Fukanaga
Admissions Director: Dr. Tamara O’Connor
Admissions Co-Director: Dr. Daniel Raben
Admissions Coordinator: Darlene Sutton
Administrative Coordinator: Danelle Daniels

Biophysics & Biophysical Chemistry (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Albert Lau
Sr. Academic Program Coordinator: Tammy Hubbe 

Program in Molecular Biophysics (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Doug Barrick
Academic Program Administrator: Nicole Goode

Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D.)
Program Co-Director: Dr. Patrick Kanold
Program Co-Director: Dr. Rachel Karchin
Senior Academic Program Coordinator, Student Services & Training Fellowships: Kay Beard
Academic Program Manager, Curriculum & Academic Progression: Hong Lan
Admissions Contact:

Cellular and Molecular Medicine (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Rajini Rao
Admissions Director: Dr. Robert Casero
Academic Program Manager: Colleen Graham
Admissions Coordinator: Leslie Lichter

Functional Anatomy & Evolution (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Adam Sylvester
Administrative Program Coordinator: Danielle Edwards 

Anatomy Education (M.S.)
Program Director: Dr. Elizabeth St. Clair
Administrative Program Coordinator: Danielle Edwards 

Health Sciences Informatics (Research M.S., Ph.D.)
Applied Health Sciences Informatics (Full-Time M.S., Part-Time M.S.)
Clinical Informatics (
Postbac Certificate)
Program Director (Research M.S., PhD): Dr. Hadi Kharrazi
Interim Co-Directors (Applied Masters, Certificate): Drs. Ashwini Davison & Paul Nagy
Academic Program Administrator: Susan Kerfoot
Administrative Coordinator: Stacey Szczypinski  

History of Medicine (Ph.D., online M.A. and coursework)
Program Director: Dr. Graham Mooney
Administrative Program CoordinatorMarian Robbins 

Human Genetics (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. David Valle
Administrative Program Coordinator: Sandy Muscelli

Immunology (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Joel Pomerantz
Admissions Director: Dr. Erika Darrah
Sr. Academic Program Coordinator: Angela James

Medical & Biological Illustration (M.A.)
Program Director: Dr. David Rini
Academic Program Administrator: Dacia Balch
Administrative Program Coordinator: Carol Pfeffer 

Neuroscience (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Christopher Potter
Program Co-Director: Dr. Jim Knierim
Admissions Director: Dr. Angelika Doetzlhofer
Academic Program Manager: Rita Ragan
Academic Program Coordinator: Beth Wood Roig
Admissions Contact:

Pathobiology (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Lee J. Martin
Program Co-Director: Dr. Tamara Lotan
Admissions Director: Dr. Karen Sfanos
Sr. Academic Program Coordinator: Stacey Morgan 

Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Caren Meyers
Admissions Director: Dr. Sean Taverna
Academic Program Administrator: Amy Paronto 

Cellular and Molecular Physiology (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Steven Claypool
Admissions Co-Director: Dr. Anathasia Kralli
Admissions Co-Director: Dr. Zhaozhu Qiu
Academic Program Administrator: Madeline McLaughlin

XDBio/Crossdisciplinary Program in the
Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D.)

Program Director: Dr. Brendan Cormack
Admissions Contact: 

M.D./Ph.D. Program
Program Director: Dr. Andrea Cox
Administrative Director: Sharon Welling

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