Biomedical Scholars Association

The Biomedical Scholars Association, BSA, is an organization that unites graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and faculty who represent minority groups within the Johns Hopkins University Medical Institute community.  The purposes of this association are 1) to provide a support system for every scholar who considers him or herself a minority within the Hopkins community; 2) to promote the academic and professional success of said scholars; 3) to enhance minority scholar recruitment to and retention within the Hopkins community; 4) to provide a network for career development and advancement within the scientific community and; 5) to serve our immediate community through volunteerism.

BSA Events

1st Annual Lecture.  As part of an annual BSA lecture series that recognizes minority scientists, we will invite independent investigators, university professors and scientists working within biotechnology to give a science talk.

Practice Talks.  The BSA will provide an environment for members to practice presenting scientific talks, job talks and or thesis presentations.  It is our goal to encourage the development of effective public speaking skills through practice and peer feedback.

Participation in Graduate Recruiting.  The BSA recognizes the importance of diversity and is committed to minority recruitment and retention of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty to the Johns Hopkins community.  We will collaborate with the Office of Graduate Student Affairs in a combine effort to recruit and retain minority scholars.
The BSA will host visiting minority students who are interested in joining a graduate program within the Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions.  We believe that this interaction provides a dual benefit that encourages minority application to the Johns Hopkins community through 1) introducing new and potential students to other minorities within the community and 2) establishing inclusion within a network that will prevent students from feeling isolated while in graduate school.

Network Building.  We believe it is necessary to establish a connection with other organizations with similar goals of supporting underrepresented scholars, while addressing the needs of underserved communities.  In this effort, we intend to work closely with the Johns Hopkins University SNMA chapter along with other groups within the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

Community Mentoring and Outreach.  The BSA will volunteer in local schools in an effort to inspire minority youth towards careers in science through interaction.  We consider exposure to positive scientific interactions key in promoting and enhancing the minority scientific community. Activities may include a reading program, tour of The Johns Hopkins University, tutoring and mentoring.