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Work-Related Rehabilitation

If an illness or injury is preventing you from functioning in your job, our team of doctors and therapists can help. Through our functional capacity evaluations and a customized work conditioning program, we will help you set attainable goals for recovering function.

Services provided

Work conditioning and more

Our team is able to evaluate and treat acute and chronic injuries and conditions resulting from work-related injury with a goal of returning the patient to work as quickly and safely as possible. Select therapists have received training through Workwell Systems, Inc. and are able to perform Pre-Work Screens, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Return to Work Evaluations.

  • Pre-work screen. This is a job-specific screening process to assess whether a client can meet the demands of a job.
  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE). This two-day assessment measures functional capabilities including repetitive lifting capacity, repetitive push/pull/carrying capacities, hand grip strength, tolerance for elevated work, balance, repetitive squat, maximum walking capacity, and more.
  • Return to work evaluations. This is a job-specific evaluation to assess whether a person can return to work.
  • Work conditioning. This is job-specific training that provides educational sessions, a complete exercise program, and simulated work activities. The program lasts 2-6 weeks, depending on your goals and progress.

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