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Our inpatients and outpatient therapists specialize in numerous expertise and are based in several convenient locations across the Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network.

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Maryland clinics except Bayview: 443-997-5476
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Sibley Memorial Hospital: 202-364-7665

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Rehabilitation Therapy Services Leadership

Ken Johnson | Director of Rehabilitation Therapy Services Outreach, Physical Therapist

Expertise: orthopedics, running analysis, sports rehabilitation

headshot of Ken Johnson

Annette Lavezza | Director, Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Expertise: neurorehabilitation, Activity and Mobility Promotion

headshot of Annette Lavezza

Outpatient Services Management

Mary Austin | Therapy Manager, Green Spring Station Clinic

Certifications: Board-Certified Women's Health Specialist
Expertise: orthopedics, pelvic health

portrait of Mary Austin

Laurie Fitz | Clinical Resource Analyst, Outpatient Program Developer

Certifications: Certified Lymphedema Therapist
Expertise: cancer rehabilitation, lymphedema

headshot of Laurie Fitz

Amanda McQueen | Therapy Manager, Columbia and Odenton Clinics

Expertise: breast cancer, lymphedema, oncology deconditioning, orthopedics

headshot of Amanda McQueen

Brian Murray | Therapy Manager, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Certifications: Certified Orthopedic Specialist
Expertise: orthopedics

headshot of Brian Murray

Lauren Simon | Therapy Manager, White Marsh Clinic

Expertise: orthopedics

headshot of Lauren Simon

Inpatient Services Management

Bobby Walsh | Therapy Manager, Psychiatry

Expertise: mental health, clinical education

headshot of Bobby Walsh

Stacey Friedel | Therapy Manager, Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Expertise: physical disabilities

headshot of Stacey Friedel

Nicole Frost | Therapy Manager, Hospital Consult Services

Expertise: speech-language pathology

headshot of Nicole Frost

Kelly Casey | Therapy Manager, Hospital Consult Services

Expertise: neurorehabilitation

headshot of Casey Kelly

Hallie Lenker | Therapy Manager, Pediatrics

Expertise: pediatric rehabilitation

Hallie Lenker

Sowmya Kumble | Clinical Resource Analyst

Expertise: neurorehabilitation

portrait of Sowmya Kumble

Shauna Berube | Clinical Resource Analyst

Expertise: neurorehabilitation

headshot of Shauna Berube