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Participation In Johns Hopkins Program for Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 Increases Likelihood of Home Discharge
The Johns Hopkins ARISE program may increase the chances of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 getting discharged to their home rather than to a rehabilitation facility that provides post-hospitalization care services.

It's not just brain fog: Vertigo, hair loss, and lagging sex drive are also long COVID symptoms
Alba Azola, M.D., shares her insight on common long COVID symptoms and the importance of discussing them.

How Psychologists Can Help Treat Chronic Pain
Dr. Rachel Aaron provides recommendations for finding psychological care to patients dealing with chronic pain. 

How Pandemic Life Could Be Affecting Your Pelvic Floor and What to Do About It
Pelvic floor physical therapist Mary Austin explains how the muscles of the pelvic floor work, what might contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction and how to care for this often overlooked group of muscles.

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