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Ear Tubes (Tympanostomy Tubes)

ear tubes

Dr. Emily Boss talks to a patient and her mom about her surgery.

Children who suffer from recurring ear infections (otitis media) may need surgery. Your pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT) may suggest tympanostomy tubes, known as ear tubes or PE tubes.

Hearing test before surgery

Children who are being evaluated for ear tubes at the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology receive a thorough evaluation with a hearing test before surgery. Our experts—a team of pediatric ENTs—will make sure the tubes can make a measurable difference in a child’s hearing and comfort if they suffer from recurring ear infections.

Once the ear tubes are in, your child will return for another hearing test to determine if his or her hearing has improved. We have designed our follow-up to manage children for the length of time they have ear tubes to make sure they remain free of ear infections and complications.

For more information about ear tubes, please view our handout available in English and Spanish.

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