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About Baltimore

Hear from Urban Health Primary Care Track residents about why they chose to come to Baltimore and what they have grown to love about the city.

Clinic Experiences

Hear from Urban Health Primary Care Track residents about their experiences working in our clinics, completing various rotations and interacting with patients and staff.

Hopkins Community

Hear from Urban Health Primary Care Track residents about their experiences acclimating to the Hopkins community.

Why Hopkins?

Hear from Urban Health Primary Care Track residents about what drew them to the to Johns Hopkins and the urban health track.

Interns (PGY-1)

Jack Buyske (He/Him) Jak By-ski

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Medical School: Columbia University VP&S
For fun I: Watch sports, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, go for walks in new neighborhoods
Favorite things about Baltimore: Patterson Park, Federal Hill, walking along the harbor, the ice cream scene
Career Interests: Addiction medicine, general internal medicine, primary care in underserved settings
Talk to me about: Couples matching, moving from NYC, living in Baltimore without a car, being vegetarian/vegan in Baltimore, or anything else!
Email: [email protected]

Jack Buyske

Dustin Kee (He/Him) Dus-tin Kee

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
For fun I: like cooking, basketball, hiking, ice cream
Favorite things about Baltimore: path along the harbor, seafood, the neighborhoods
Career Interests: general internal medicine, public health, immigrant health
Talk to me about: biking/not having a car in Baltimore, anything
Email: [email protected]

Dustin Kee

Jennia Rajaei Rizi (She/Her) Zheh-nee-ah Ruh-jau-ee Ree-zee

Hometown: Esfahan, Iran
Medical School: Stanford University
For fun I: travel with family and friends as well as enjoy anything art and/or faith related
Favorite things about Baltimore:
Career Interests: Primary Care, DCT, Precision Medicine
Talk to me about:
Email: [email protected]

Jennia Rajaei Rizi

Tiffany Wang (She/Her) Ti-fuh-nee Wong

Hometown: Germantown, MD
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
For fun I: reading, thrifting, hiking, eating good food, and taking care of houseplants
Favorite things about Baltimore: A shared sense of ownership and belonging throughout the city. Cute unique personalities of different neighborhoods around Baltimore. Tasty food scene. Passionate and creative small businesses. Compassionate social programs. Walking around the city.
Career Interests: Urban primary care, refugee health, health equity
Talk to me about:
Email: [email protected]

Tiffany Wang

Junior Residents (PGY-2)

Eric Bai (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
Medical School: Brown
For fun I: go outdoors, hang out with friends, go thrifting for cheap candles (the more wicks the better!!)
Favorite things about Baltimore: how multi-faceted the city is -- there's so much to explore! Love the proximity to the water and great outdoor spaces
Career Interests: primary care for those formerly or currently unhoused, addiction medicine, appropriate technology for social determinants of health, the double bottom line
Talk to me about: Digital health, user experience design, biking around Baltimore, coupon hunting, the best 7 Elevens for cold brew on tap, and anything else you want!
Email: [email protected]

Eric Bai

Ashley Gordon-Phillips (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Houston, TX
Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
For fun I: play with my dogs, try new restaurants, re-watch sitcoms, and when there's time travel and go horseback riding
Favorite things about Baltimore: living by the harbor, sense of community, lots of Caribbean food, small businesses, kind people
Career Interests: Primary care, reproductive health, HIV, public health
Talk to me about: Any of my career interests, moving with a partner, having pets as a resident, anything else you need help with! If I don't know the answer I'll find someone who does
Email: [email protected]

Ashley Gordon-Phillips

Areeb Masood (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Austin, TX
Medical School: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine
For fun I: play basketball, shoot film photography, watch Laker and Longhorn games, & travel with wifey!
Favorite things about Baltimore: My coresidents, Cafe Dear Leon, & the chocolate cake soft serve at BMore Licks promptly followed by a walk in Patterson Park
Career Interests: Primary care, gen med, MedEd, food insecurity, health policy
Talk to me about: Moving to Baltimore with your spouse or from another state
Email: [email protected]

Areeb Masood

Fatima Nathalia Morales Delgado (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Bronx, New York
Medical School: Weill Cornell
For fun I: Love to play with my dogs, read fiction books, and play board games
Favorite things about Baltimore: Patterson Park and B’More Licks
Career Interests: Primary care, obesity medicine, and caring for Spanish-speaking patients
Talk to me about: Moving to a new city. Dogs. Being Latina in medicine/Hopkins/Baltimore. Anything really!
Email: [email protected]

Fatima Nathalia Morales Delgado

Senior Residents (PGY-3)

Rohin Aggarwal (He/Him) Ro-hin Uh-ger-wall

Hometown: Macon, GA
Medical School: Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine
For fun I: Indoor garden, cook, play music
Favorite things about Baltimore: Walking by the harbor, trying all the restaurants, exploring the different neighborhoods
Career Interests: Public health, health equity and justice, community-based participatory research, geriatrics, palliative care, inclusive care for the LGBTQIA2+ community
Talk to me about: social determinants of health, good eats (restaurants and recipes alike!), moving from the Midwest
Email: [email protected]

Rohin Aggarwal

Priyal Gandhi (She/Her) Pree-yuhl Gaan-dhee

Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Medical School: Johns Hopkins
For fun I: like cooking vegan food, dancing, playing board and card games, and planning fun surprises for family and friends
Favorite things about Baltimore: the farmers' markets and vegan food scene, the diversity of neighborhoods, easy access to other East Coast cities, the engaged and resilient citizens
Career Interests: general internal medicine, addiction medicine, care for people affected by the carceral system, geriatrics
Talk to me about: couples matching, staying at Hopkins, being vegan, really anything!
Email: [email protected]

Priyal Gandhi

Will Roberts (He/Him) Will Rob-erts

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Medical School: Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
For fun I: love to watch sports (football, rugby, basketball), eat, travel
Favorite things about Baltimore: great food options, hanging out by the water, culture of the city
Career Interests: General Internal Medicine, Health Policy, Global Health
Talk to me about: being a minority in medicine, living in Baltimore, anything
Email: [email protected]

William Roberts

Michelle York (She/Her) Mi-shell Y-or-k

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
For fun I: take long walks with my husband, Jake, and our dog, Earl, enjoy a good game + charcuterie night with friends, do home improvement projects on our row home, and explore the local food scene!
Favorite things about Baltimore: my co-residents, my patients, the walkability, the charming architecture, and the Promenade.
Career Interests: med ed, GIM, social and structural determinants of health, learner safety, women's health, palliative care, carceral medicine
Talk to me about: Med Ed Pathway, general medicine & primary care, residency with a partner not in medicine, dogs, and first-time homebuying!
Email: [email protected]

Michelle York