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International Center for Orthopaedic Advancement

The International Center for Orthopaedic Advancement brings together engineers and clinicians in one location as part of a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to advancing patient care.

The Center provides the opportunity for:

Doctors performing surgery

Surgical Training

The surgical training area consists of five stations designed to hone the skills of the Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Surgery Residents. The facility is available for rent to outside entities to conduct continuing education courses or commercial surgical training courses. The Center boasts five surgical stations and easily accommodates more than 20 surgeons who can learn in an atmosphere that encourages individual attention. Also available are locker and shower areas, a large conference room, state-of-the-art audiovisual system and facilities for the management of cadaveric tissue.

Basic Research


The biomechanical testing laboratory is equipped with two MTS servo-hydraulic testing machines and an optical kinematic tracking system available for scholarly investigations or for commercial product testing.

Commercial Research and Development

The facilities and resources of the Center are available for investigations of commercial devices. The facility is ideal for start-up companies that do not yet have their own extensive R&D facility, but are also valuable to established companies that may not have ready access to appropriate tissue for testing, or wish to have their devices independently verified.

Research and Development

Contact Information

For more information about the International Center for Orthopaedic Advancement or to participate in one of the programs, please call 410-550-6482.