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Research Highlights and News

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center are advancing medical science and knowledge every day. Here are some of the most recent highlights.

Immunotherapy and Antibodies

Medical oncologist Julie Brahmer explains how immunotherapy works as a tool in treating lung cancer and how it's helping some people with lung cancer live longer and better lives.

Breaking Down Barriers

Medicine For The Greater Good educates health providers about health disparities and inequities while promoting community partnership to promote health and wellness.

Pelvic Floor and Women's Health

Urogynecologist Victoria Handa and her team are studying how childbirth leads to long term, physical and functional changes in a woman’s body.

Treating Substance Abuse

Psychiatrist Eric Strain and his colleagues are developing exciting new therapies for patients who struggle with substance abuse all while expanding their treatment capacity.

Healing by Regeneration

Dermatologist Luis Garza is working to reactivate the codes that allowed our cells to build our organs. Harnessing this code could change typical healing from scarring to regeneration.

Treating Alzheimer's Disease

Psychiatrist Constantine Lyketsos and his team have learned how to better help people with Alzheimer’s continue to live at home, and they are putting the guidelines into use across the nation.

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