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Lymphedema Program

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center’s department of rehabilitation offers a comprehensive lymphedema program completed by specially trained and certified clinicians.

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that occurs when the lymphatic system is impaired resulting in swelling of the limbs or other parts of the body.  Impairment to the lymphatic system can occur from congenital abnormalities or damage through surgery, radiation, trauma and infection. Lymphedema can affect mobility, independence in ADLs, quality of life and body image and makes the individual more susceptible to infection.

In our lymphedema program patients will undergo an extensive evaluation and your therapist will provide an individualized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Lymphedema treatment involves Complete Decongestive Therapy which includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression gradient bandaging, and education on proper skin and nail care, healthy eating and exercise to promote proper lymphatic drainage.

Our program provides treatment of lymphedema of the upper extremity, lower extremity, trunk, chest, genitalia, face and head.

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