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Giving Real Estate

If you are like many of our current donors, your home or other property you own are among your most valuable assets. Most likely, these properties have substantially appreciated in value since your purchase.

You may be considering moving to a smaller house or selling your vacation retreat. Perhaps you want to remain in your house, but would like Johns Hopkins Bayview to realize a future benefit from the value of your property.

A gift of real estate can provide a double tax benefit. Your income tax charitable deduction will be based on the full fair market value of the property. This allows you to avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the value. In addition, the value of the property donated is sheltered from estate taxes and probate costs.

Although a gift of real estate is irrevocable, it permits you to make a gift and use the property now, while receiving substantial tax benefits in the future.

Find out more on the Johns Hopkins Office of Gift Planning Web site or contact the office of development of 410-550-4098.