Your Child’s Hospital Stay

child with mother

At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate and caring environment possible. We understand that a hospital stay can be challenging for children and their families.

This section provides an overview of all the important information you and your child will need to feel comfortable and reassured while at the Children’s Center.

Learn about the services and resources available to you, your child and your family.

Patient and Family Handbook

Do you want to know what amenities are available, or what to do if you or your child need assistance? The Patient and Family Handbook can answer these and other general questions about your stay at Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Patient Safety

  • Please ask questions when you do not understand information or instructions.
  • You may notice a change in your child’s condition that requires immediate attention and that our staff may not see. Please talk to your nurse right away. You can also call 5-4444 from a hospital phone for a Family Activated Rapid Response Team to come to the bedside.
  • Please be sure your child wears their identification wrist band at all times. If it falls off, notify your nurse.
  • All staff members wear badges, so feel free to question anyone not wearing a badge.
  • Security Services offers escorts to any on-campus location 24/7. Please call 410-955-5585 for assistance.
  • The best way to prevent infection is to wash your hands. Waterless soap dispensers are located throughout the hospital on every unit and in patient rooms.

  • Latex balloons cause latex allergies, so please bring only Mylar balloons into the hospital.
  • Flowers are welcome except in on intensive care and oncology units.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the hospital. Please use designated smoking areas.
  • Provide the hospital or your child’s doctor with a copy of an advance directive if your child has one.
  • Leave valuables at home and only bring necessary items for your child’s hospital stay.
  • For your child’s safety, be careful not to touch the medical equipment.