Child Life Programs and Resources

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Group Visits and Entertainment

We welcome individuals and groups to apply to visit the hospital, including college groups, community organizations, performers, athletes and others, please reach out to [email protected]

Keep Up The Caring Gift Registry

Please visit our gift registry. Patients need these items to play and to cope while at the hospital.

Monthly Calendar of Events

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CCTV Shows

The Child Life TV program, staffed by a video producer and a special programs coordinator, hosts ten live and recorded shows a week. This include a weekly Medical Play Show, Art Safari, Music Show and of course Hospital BINGO. In each experience, the child has a role, whether it be looking for the medical items on their BINGO board, creating their own snack in the Cooking Show, or following along to make their own craft. Children also have the opportunity to appear on CCTV programs or help with their production. By participating, children interact and socialize with others, enhancing their self-esteem and creating positive memorable experiences during their hospitalization.

Hospital BINGO

  • Introduces children to hospital and health care items and personnel
  • Helps children better understand the potentially frightening hospital environment
  • Provides accurate illustrations and definitions for 59 hospital items
  • Adapts to a classroom setting, a small group or one-on-one environment
  • Works well as an interactive television program
  • Works well for children ages 4 and up

The Hospital BINGO game offers everything you need to establish your own program:

  • 40 BINGO game boards
  • Oversize letters that spell BINGO for the call board
  • 59 medical picture cards (6x6 inch) with definitions
  • BINGO chips
  • Detailed instruction booklet

Plus, Hospital BINGO includes recommendations for setting up your own interactive television program. For more information, call Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Child Life CCTV at 410-955-2694.


  • One Hospital BINGO Game @ $39.00 (shipping and handling $5.00)
  • Two Hospital BINGO Games @ $69.00 (shipping and handling $7.50)

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The Johns Hopkins Children's Center Library


The Grace Rea Garrett Children's Library and Mr. & Mrs. G. Lloyd Bunting Sr. Family Resource Center at Johns Hopkins Children's Center offer a rich assortment of books for children of all ages and a collection of print and online resources for parents, including information on child development and pediatric diseases and illness. The combined resource library is on the third floor of Johns Hopkins Children's Center, and is open weekdays from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bright and spacious, the library offers a glorious view of Baltimore, cushioned seats under picture windows, comfortable chairs, bookshelves for infant to teen readers, a rocking chair and a small table with chairs for children. Recognizing that it is not easy to be away from home, work and school, there is a quiet space with a computer and printer.

Our Philosophy

We believe a library in the hospital should provide parents with a refuge for reflection, and be a welcoming destination for the entire family, patients and siblings alike.

Our Policies

Books can remain with patients throughout their stay in the hospital. All materials on loan from the library must, of course, be returned before discharge. There is a book drop right by the library.


While we welcome new book donations, there may be times when the library cannot accept any more. Please note that infection protocol requires that we can accept only new books.

Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs

Clown Care Doctors

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center partners with the Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs program to enhance the emotional and social well-being of your child and family by providing the comic relief so often needed during a hospital stay.

Working in close association with Child Life Services, the clowns interact with clinical and hospital staff members to relieve each child’s sadness, anxiety, isolation and even pain by diverting his or her attention during medical procedures. Part of a community outreach program of Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs, the clowns visit youngsters throughout the Children’s Center, from the pediatric emergency room to pre- and post-op surgery suites and outpatient clinics, three days each week.