Child Life Volunteer Opportunities

children playing with volunteer

Child Life volunteers assist the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Child Life Department in a number of important ways, providing recreational play for patients, organizational support in our playrooms, and programming support within our CCTV studio.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteer candidates must be able to provide a 2-semester commitment to the Children’s Center. This means a spring/summer commitment or a spring/fall commitment if you return home for the summer months. For non-student volunteer candidates, a 6-month commitment is required.
  • Volunteer candidates are required to commit to a 4-hour volunteer shift once per week.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available to students who reside in the Baltimore during the summer months; these candidates must be able to provide 8 hours of volunteer service per week.
  • Child Life Safety Orientation is required of all Child Life Volunteers. Three orientation times are scheduled per season and your attendance is required at one.
  • A Child Life volunteer t-shirt must be worn during volunteer hours. There is a $10 charge for this shirt.
  • Volunteers must present vaccination records for review, including documentation of flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Volunteer Onboarding Schedule

Child Life volunteer candidates are interviewed and selected on a seasonal basis. Our volunteer onboarding schedule for the upcoming semester is as follows:

Summer 2024:

  • To apply, email [email protected] by April 12 to schedule an interview
  • Interviews will take place between April 8 and April 26
  • Volunteers will be selected by May 3 and onboarding tasks will take place throughout the month of May  

How to Apply

Please contact the Child Life Volunteer Coordinator, Virginia Gourley at [email protected] to express your interest in volunteering with the Child Life Department.

Volunteer Positions