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Your Child’s Room

Your child’s room assignment is based on his or her age, admitting diagnosis and bed availability. Please be aware that your child may be moved several times as his or her health status changes.

Calling a Nurse

For your child’s safety, a button to call a nurse is located at the bedside. A staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

Your Child’s Bed

We have several types of beds for our patients based on their age and individual needs. For all beds, we ask you to ensure that bed rails are kept raised for our younger patients. For older patients, seek guidance from your nurse regarding bed rail position.

Communication Board (Whiteboard)

Your child’s room has a white communication board. On it, the child’s nurse writes the names of staff members working with your child. The nurse will also list the goals and activities for each day. Please review the whiteboard with your child’s nurse. Feel free to write questions on it.


Each patient room has alarms for your child’s care and safety. Examples of alarms include heart monitors, bed alarms and medicine pumps.

  • If no one answers an alarm after a short period of time, please tell a nurse or push the child’s patient call button to request assistance from a member of the clinical team.
  • Nurses also receive alarm messages on their phones. Push the patient call button to request assistance with alarms from a member of the clinical team.

Telephone, TTY and Television Services

Telephone and television services are available for you and your child 24 hours per day. When making an in-hospital call from the child’s room or any on-campus phone, please dial only the last five numbers. For example, to reach 410-955-5000, dial 55000. For local calls in the Baltimore area, dial 9 and the 410 or 443 area code.

CCTV and Child Life TV, channel 70 or 62, provide weekly child and family friendly offerings such as hospital bingo, medical play shows and seasonal programming.  

Health education and basic TV channels are available, including the Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment (C.A.R.E.) channel. This therapeutic tool combines peaceful scenes of nature with beautiful music. The C.A.R.E. channel, which is appropriate for patients of any age, gender or culture, significantly contributes to improved satisfaction and patient outcomes, and helps create a healing environment for patients, families and staff. The 24-hour format includes unique daytime and nighttime imagery to support the circadian rhythm, to enhance sleep and to reduce the negative impact of hospital noise.

If you have questions regarding TV services, call 410-614-7721

How We Keep Your Child’s Room Clean

Hospital staff will routinely clean and disinfect your child’s room and bathroom, including surfaces as bed rails and the over-bed table. Our staff follows procedures designed to keep the environment clean

Environmental care services are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. If your child’s room needs additional cleaning, please tell a nurse or press the nurse call button.