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A Day of Pain

Science Writers' Boot Camp 
April 23, 2012

Girl with braces

Videos and slides from the program:

Stephen Desiderio: Welcome and Introduction (Video)

Randall Reed: Sensory Biology at Johns Hopkins (PowerPoint)

Paul Fuchs: Sensory Biology at Johns Hopkins (PowerPoint)

Michael Caterina: Hot and Spicy (PowerPoint)

Matthias RingKamp: Making Sense of Pain

Jennifer Haythornthwaite: Psychological Management of Pain (PowerPoint)

Stuart Grossman: More Opioids for Cancer Patients

Suzanne Nesbit: New iPhone App: JH Opioid Calculator (PowerPoint)

Estelle Gauda: Pain medication addiction and withdrawal in newborns

Sabine Kost Byerly: Chronic Pain

Sabine Kost Byerly: Managing Pain in Children

Srinivasa Raja: Neuropathic Pain: Bridging Bedside to Bench

Johns Hopkins Medicine stories by topic:

Arthritic Pain

Auditory Pain

Back Pain

Cardiovascular Pain

Diabetic Nerve Damage

Digestive Pain

Educating Medical Students about Pain

Emotional Response to Pain

Funding Pain Research


Nerve Pain/Neuropathy/Nerve Damage

Pain Management

Phantom Pain

Sense of Touch: Itch, Temperature Sensing and Pain Mechanisms

Sickle Cell Anemia Pain

Soldiers and Pain