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Hopkins GIM Faculty: Joint Appointments

Hopkins GIM provides a scholarly crossroads for faculty members from other departments in the School of Medicine (SOM), the School of Public Health (SPH), and School of Nursing (SON). Listed below are the researchers from allied divisions and departments who hold active joint appointments in the Division of General Internal Medicine, with links to their homepages.     

NameDepartment/SchoolResearch Interests
Caleb Alexander, MD, MSEpidemiology/SPHprescription drugs, drug utilization, drug safety, drug effectiveness, patient-provider communication, pharmacoepidemiology, regulatory policy, Food and Drug Administration 
Gerard Anderson, PhDHealth Policy and Management/SPHinternational comparisons chronic disease health spending medicare
Adler Archer, JD, MS, MSc, MPSBiomedical Engineering/WSEdigital health, global health, social informatics, professional identity
Paul Auwaerter, MDInfectious Diseases/DOMtick borne diseases, Point of Care Information Technology
Marion J. Ball, EdDNursing Informatics/SONinformatics
Jamil D. Bayram, MD, MEd, MPHEmergency Medicine/DOMdisaster metrics, international emergency medicine, complex humanitarian emergencies, disaster medicine & public health preparedness
Lewis Becker, MDCardiology/DOMpathogenesis of post-ischemic myocardial inflammation and role in reperfusion injury, regulation of proinflammatory genes in reperfused myocardium, effects of mental stress on the heart, genetics of premature coronary artery disease (GeneSTAR)
Alia Bodnar, MDAddiction Medicine/DOM 
Lee Bone, MD, MPHHealth, Behavior and Society/SPHurban health care, cardiovascular diseases, indigenous health, interventions, diabetes, cancer, community-based health programs, health disparities; Tobacco control; Control of hypertension in high-risk communities
Daniel Brotman, MDJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMhospital medicine; thrombosis and anticoagulation; perioperative medicine; care coordination; readmissions
Kathryn Carson, ScMEpidemiology/SPHbiostatistics, epidemiological methods, cooperative research, clinical trials, study design, data analysis, ICTR (Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research)
Jeanne Charleston, BSN, RNEpidemiology/SPHcardiovascular diseases, diet, exercise, minority populations
Sarah Johnson Conway, MDJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMquality of care; care coordination; transitions of care; accountable care organizations
Josef Coresh, MD, PhD, MHSEpidemiology/SPHepidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, vascular diseases, kidney diseases, genetic epidemiology
Rita F. D'Aoust, PhDAcute and Chronic Care/SONinterprofessional education, simulation, underserved populations
Cheryl R. Dennison, PhDSONpatient safety and cardiovascular care
Sanjay V. Desai, MDPulmonary and Critical Care Medicine/DOM 
David W. Dowdy, MDEpidemiology/SPHtuberculosis, epidemiology, health economics, HIV, ICU
Mark Dredze, PhD, MAComputer Science/JHUhealth informatics; natural language processing
Sydney Dy, MD, MScHealth Policy and Management/SPHhealth policy and management, quality of care and improvement, quality measurement and indicators, palliative care, end-of-life care, pain, hospice, oncology, communication, decision-making, patient and medication safety, patient-reported outcomes, information technology, comparative effectiveness, health services research, medicare, systematic reviews, consensus processes, cancer, primary care, care transitions, opioids, qualitative, implementation science
Ruth Faden, PhD, MPHHealth Policy and Management/SPHhealth policy and management, ethics, vaccine ethics, bioethics and public policy, ethics and cellularengineering, ethics and neuroscience, ethics and bioterrorism, genetics and public policy, research ethics, justice theory
Margaret D. Fallin, PhDEpidemiology/SPHepidemiology, genetics, epigenetics, genetic epidemiology, neuropsychiatric disorders, mental health, development, Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP), autism, Alzheimer's disease, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder 
Nauder Faraday, MDAnesthesiology and Critical Care/DOMgenetic determinants of complications after surgery
Leonard Feldman, MDJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMresident education; high value care; perioperative medicine; urban health
Joseph Gallo, MD, MPHMental Health/SPHdepression, aging, mortality, patient preferences, health services, patient-provider relationships
Daniel Gold, DONephrology/SOM
Emergency Medicine/SOM
Jeremy Greene, MD, PhDHistory of Medicine/SOMhistory of disease, global health, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, twentieth century clinical medicine
Peter S. Greene, MDSurgery/SOMventricular assist devices; clinical outcomes research; information technology advancement
Eliseo Guallar, MD, DrPHEpidemiology/SPHcardiovascular disease epidemiology, epidemiologic methods, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish oils, heavy metals, meta-analysis
Ayse P. Gurses, PhD, MSAnesthesiology and critical care/SOMusability; qualitative research; survey design; coordination; handoffs; medical informatics; industrial and systems engineering; patient safety; human factors engineering
Jennifer Haythornthwaite, PhDPsychiatry/SOM 
Carrie Herzke, MDJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMquality improvement; infectious diseases, notably infection control; resident and student education
Erik H. Hoyer, MDPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation/DOMquality improvement, brain plasticity
Jeanne Keruly, MS, CRNPInfectious Diseases/DOM 
Michael Klag, MD, MPHEpidemiology/SPHhypertension, renal failure, precursors study, kidney disease, cardiovascular, epidemiology, genetic markers, health policy and management
Brian Kral, MD, MPHCardiology/DOMstress myocardial perfusion imaging, genetic and biological mechanisms of premature coronary artery disease (Johns Hopkins GeneSTAR), noninvasive imaging of coronary atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology, association of mental stress and cardiovascular disease 
Bryan Lau, PhD, MS, MHSEpidemiology/SPHHIV/AIDS, comorbidity, epidemiologic methods, epidemiology, biostatistics, observational studies
Robert Lawrence, MDHealth Policy and Management/SPHenvironment, agriculture, food security, human rights, food systems
David Lichtman, PADOMmedical procedures, hospitalist medicine
Rasika Mathias, ScD, ScMAllergy and Clinical Immunology/DOMgenetic epidemiology with emphasis on cardiovascular/asthma/lung disease and other chronic disease processes
Henry Michtalik, MD, MHS, MPHDOMpatient safety issues, especially as related to patient census and transitions of care from acute to primary care; quality improvement and systems management
Paul Nagy, PhDRadiology/DOMbiomedical informatics, imaging informatics, quality and patient safety
Paul Nyquist, MD, MPHAnesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine/SOMacute brain injury, White Matter Disease, subarachnoid hemorrhage, stroke genetics, intracranial hemorrhage
Amit Pahwa, MDJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMhigh value care; undergraduate medical education
Brent Petty, MDClinical Pharmacology/SOMquality improvement, phase I clinical trials, phase II and phase III clinical trials, antimicrobial chemotherapy, hospital-based medical practices, internal medicine with ophthalmologic clinical trials
Padmini Ranasinghe, MBBS, MD, MPHJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMhealth and wellness; internal and preventive medicine; international health
Nancy Roderer, MLSHealth Sciences Informatics/DOM 
Debra Roter, DrPHHealth, Behavior and Society/SPHpatient activation interventions, provider skill training, doctor-patient communication, RIAS (Roter Interaction Analysis System), gender disparities
Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPHEpidemiology/SPHepidemiology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, biomarkers, diagnostics, policy
Zishan Siddiqui, MDJHH Hospital Medicine/DOMpatient-centered care and patient satisfaction; international medicine; preoperative medicine; clinical reasoning
Thomas J. Smith, MDOncology, Palliative Care/SOMpalliative care
Donald Steinwachs, PhDHealth Policy and Management/SPHsevere mental illness, quality of care, patient outcomes, effectiveness of care systems, evidence-based medicine, integration of outcomes-management systems, managed care, access to care, quality profiling, management information systems (MIS)
Jonathan Weiner, DrPHHealth Policy and Management/SPHHealth services research and evaluation, health care policy analysis, public health, population health, information technology, electronic health records, quality of care, case-mix modeling, risk-adjustment modeling, predictive modeling, predictive analytics, primary care, ambulatory care, care management, health insurance and benefits, health workforce planning, international comparisons, health care financing
Albert Wu, MD, MPHHealth Policy and Management/SPHpatient safety, second victim, disclosure, incident reporting, near miss, quality of life, comparative effectiveness research, quality of care, MOS-HIV health survey, community based participatory research
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