Core Resources

The GIM Division is proud to offer core services to its faculty and fellows in several distinct areas. 

The Clinician-Educators Mentoring and Scholarship Program is designed to support clinicians who are developing academic careers as educators, writers, program builders, and scholarly reviewers. 

The GIM Methods Core is designed to support fellows and faculty who need methodologic and analytic support as they pursue innovative patient-oriented research. 

The Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Center of Excellence for Primary Care is designed to support researchers who are developing registries to improve patient outcomes.

The collection of patient education materials on aspects of diabetes self-management is intended for health professionals.

Research Resources Requests and Sharing

If you either have research-related resources you are willing to share with other GIM faculty members or if you are in need of resources, please provide us with more information.

We will use this information as a way to understand what needs and resources are in GIM and attempt to match up faculty so needs can be met. Research resources available from individual faculty members may be donated or may be available for payment.