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The Moore Clinic for HIV Care

The Moore Clinic is an outpatient unit supervised by the Hopkins AIDS Service that currently consists of two examining rooms, four registrars, five nurses, two phlebotomists, and an outpatient treatment center. The clinic has approximately 20,000 patient visits per year and is staffed by eight mid-level practitioners (nurse practitioners and physician assistants), 18 primary care providers primarily from the faculty in the Division of Infectious Diseases (four are paid by the service and work fewer than six half-days per week; most of the rest provide volunteer service for one or two half-days per week). Major specialty services offered are neurology, psychiatry, gynecology, obstetrics, substance use, nutrition, viral hepatitis, pharmacy and adherence.

The Moore Clinic is the "centerpiece" of the AIDS Service which currently follows over 2,000 patients in various stages of HIV infection. This clinic has been developed to provide specialized services tailored to the idiosyncratic needs of patients with HIV infection. Services available within the clinic are subspecialty consults, counseling, case management, social work service, pulse oximetry, infusion services, lab services, wound care, An outpatient pharmacy is located in the clinic. An inpatient service, the Polk Unit, coordinates inpatient care closely with the patient for admissions, discharges, induced sputum and pentamidine treatments.