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SGIM Annual Meeting 2008

SGIM Annual Meeting, April 2008
Pittsburgh, PA

Poster Session 1

Drs. Bimal Ashar, Joseph Cofrancesco, Mark Hughes
and GIM resident Dr. Adam Gerstenblith

GIM resident Dr. Baligh Yehia
Poster Session 2

Dr. Kimberly Peairs

GIM resident Dr. Joanna Peloquin with Dr. Lenny Feldman
Poster Session 7

Fellowship alum and current GIM faculty member Dr. Amina Chaudhry

Poster Session 3

Hopkins alumni Drs. Tom Houston (UAB) and Lisa Kern (Cornell)

                                     GIM resident Dr. Naveen Pemmaragu
Poster Session 4

                                                 Dr. Raquel Charles

                                              GIM resident Dr. Marc Sonenshine
Poster Session 5
The Hopkins GIM banner flies high in Pittsburgh
Poster Session 6

Dr. Claire Snyder

Party 27

The party place

Party 11

Yum, pizza!

Party 10

Dr. Sarah Clever with  Hopkins GIM alum Dr. Donna Windish


Drs. Charles Locke, Stephen Sisson, Anastasia Rowland-Seymour,
and Joseph Cofrancesco

Party 12

Current Hopkins GIM Fellows Drs. Raquel Charles and Nisa Maruthur

Party 9

Drs. Fenny Lin, Gail Berkenblit and Neda Ratanawongsa of Hopkins GIM, 
and Fellowship alum Dr. Darcy Reed (Mayo Clinic)

Party 13

Dr. Daniel Sulmasy (St. Vincent's Hospital, NY) and GIM's Dr. Mark Hughes

Party 14

Dr. Claudia Steiner (AHRQ) and GIM's Dr. Eric Bass

Party 15

Drs. Amina Chaudhry, Jodi Segal and Claire Snyder

Party 16

GIM Director Dr. Fred Brancati with restauranteur Mrs. DelPiso

Party 17

New GIM faculty member Dr. Mimi Huizinga and
GIM Fellowship alumnus Dr. Tom Houston (UAB)

Party 19

Current GIM Fellows Drs. Rashmi Kumar, Robyn Neblett,
Lipika Samal, Mollie Davis, and Sadie Peters

Party 18

Dr. Stephen Sisson with Dr. Brent Petty

Party 20

Current GIM Fellow Dr. Madhav Goyal, Fellowship alumnus Dr. Jon Tilburt (Mayo Clinic) & Dr. Anastasia Rowland-Seymour (Hopkins GIM GSS)

party 21

Drs Amina Chaudhry and Crystal Wiley with
GIM Fellowship Program Director Dr. Jeanne Clark

Party 26

Dr. Lisa Kern and Dr. Bimal Ashar


Fellow Dr. Fenny Lin and Fellowship
Program Co-Director Dr. Geetanjali Chander

Party 23

Drs. Brent Petty, Claudia Steiner (AHRQ), and Auguste Fortin (Yale)
with GIM Director Dr. Fred Brancati

Party 25

Dr. Neil Powe (Director, Hopkins Welch Center) and
former GIM Fellow Dr. Ebony Price (Tulane)

Party 24

GIM Fellowship alumni: Drs. Stewart Babbott (U Kansas),
Jeff Whittle (MCW), and Ed Ellerbeck (U Kansas) with 
former Fellowship Program Director Dr. Eric Bass