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Dr. Gail Geller's Promotion Party

Party to Celebrate Dr. Gail Geller's Promotion to Professor,
February 2008

Geller 15

Drs. Nancy Kass and Ruth Faden

Geller 16

The honoree Dr. Gail Geller with her husband, Fred

Geller 17

A cause for celebration

Geller 18

Dr. Geller with Dr. Debra Roter

Geller 19

Ready for a toast

Geller 20

A festive spread

Geller 21

Dr. Madhav Goyal, Dr. Jeremy Sugarman and 
colleague from the Berman Institute of Bioethics

Geller 22

Dr. Geller with Drs. Terry Beaty and Kung-Lee Liang
from the Bloomberg School of Public Health

Geller 23

Dr. Geller accepts an expression of admiration

Geller 24

Dr. Geller with Dr. Frederick Brancati

Geller 25

The party's location

Geller 26

More delicious food

Geller 27

Dr. Geller and Dr. Jonathan Weiner

Geller 28

Dr. Geller with family and friends

Geller 29

Dr. Geller displays joint support from GIM and BIB

Geller 30

Dr. Geller and Dr. Richard Moore

Geller 33

                                        Dr. Geller samples the cake with the official GIM logo