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American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions Meeting, San Diego, June 2011


ADA 2011-4

As Dr. Nae-Yuh Wang (center) demonstrates, mingling
is a conference essential, always mixed . . .

ADA 2011-46

. . . with science. Trainee Chandra Jackson
presents her research poster.

ADA 2011-2

In the exhibits hall, Dr. Jessica Yeh hold up the Hopkins POC-IT Diabetes Guide on which GIM Director Dr. Fred Brancati and Dr. Rita Kalyani (pictured) collaborated.

ADA 2011-48

GIM Fellow Dr. Ranee Chatterjee, Dr. Sarah Stark Casagrande, and GIM faculty member
Dr. Nisa Maruthur are ready to hear a program.

ADA 2011-1

Dr. Jessica Yeh points out the announcement of
Dr. Fred Brancati's Kelly West Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Epidemiology.

ADA 2011-3

Dr. Brancati is introduced at his Kelly West Lecture.

ADA 2011-53

Dr. Brancati seems to appreciate the speaker's comments.

ADa 2011-54

Dr. Brancati with the ADA presenter, Dr. Edward Boyko

ADA 2011-52

Dr. Brancati's Kelly West Lecture title

ADA 2011-10

An award this prestigous deserves a celebration!
Dr. Brancati receives congratualations from
colleagues from around the country.

ADA 2011-12

Faculty member Dr. Jessica Yeh (r.) with  Dr. Elbert Huang from the University of Chicago and Dr. Phil Levin,
part-time GIM faculty member.

ADA 2011-5

Dr. Richard Rubin chats with Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee,
Dr. Brancati's wife.

ADA 2011-63

A festive dinner follows, shared by Dr. Bill Herman and
Dr. Keiko Asao from the University of Michigan.

ADA 2011-16

M-m-m-m-m !

ADA 2011-18

Naming all Dr. Brancati's honors is not easy!
The first two "crowning" honors of 2011 can be seen
on the slide, and the third is his election to membership
in the Association of American Physicians (AAP).