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Appointment & Promotions

This page includes information that is vital for the promotion process, including a seminar on the principles and processes, and sample CVs.

Promotion at Hopkins: Principles and Process (SOM Faculty Only)

Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development (OFD)

Speakers: APPC and PPC Chair and Co-Chair

Become informed about the promotions process at Johns Hopkins school of Medicine from the Chairs of the Full and Associate Professor Promotions Committees. In this session, you will learn how to structure your CV and prepare it in the format expected by departmental and SOM promotions committees. You will also learn about the typical content seen in CVs of those who are promoted to Associate and Full Professor and how the two committees process and evaluate your nomination for promotion.

At the end of the session, you will be well informed about the promotions process at the SOM, the requirements for academic promotion, the purpose of the dean’s letter, the H-index, the Nomination Manager, utility of the educator’s and program builder’s portfolio and what is NRIP.

Watch the recorded sessions:

If you are having difficulty accessing the slide decks, kindly attempt accessing them through a different browser.

Promotion and Tenure: CV Samples and Chairs' Letters for Promotion

Please email Karen Parkent for questions regarding formatting your CV.

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