Senior Faculty Retirement Resources Overview

 Dr. Cynthia Rnad

A Letter from Dr. Cynthia Rand

Welcome to the Office of Faculty Senior Faculty Retirement Resources website. This site brings together information and resources to support faculty in planning for retirement, navigating the retirement process and engaging with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine community post-retirement. 

Cynthia Rand, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty

Planning for Retirement

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While many faculty continue to lead active and productive careers well into the later years of their tenure, there may be a time when transitioning to retirement is an important consideration. In this section, you will find tools and resources to support a smooth transition.

Faculty are encouraged to seek opportunities to stay engaged in scholarly activities after retirement. The Academy at Johns Hopkins, East Baltimore Campus provides resources for faculty who chose to continue scholarly activities post-retirement, transition to a lifestyle outside of the university, or a combination of both. 

Faculty nearing retirement are also encouraged to contact the JHU Benefits Service Center ([email protected] / 410-516-2000) to discuss detailed information affecting retirement such as postretirement health and dental insurance options, retirement distribution details from your 403B and paperwork required for retirement.

Additional Guidance on Retirement

Resource documents that help with the retirement planning process:

Process of Retirement

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Many faculty have spent a significant portion of their careers engaged in clinical, research and teaching activities and should work closely with administrative and HR staff on important transitional items such as closing accounts and awards, decommissioning labs and identifying postretirement scholarly activities.

Although each faculty member’s retirement situation is unique, all faculty are advised to begin the retirement process early and work closely with his or her departmental administrative team to ensure a successful retirement transition. The Pathway to Retirement workflow below identifies key steps necessary for faculty when they embark on retirement.

Items to Consider when Retiring

Helpful checklists for both faculty and department administrators including key items to address during the retirement process:


Senior Faculty Transition Programs

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The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Senior Faculty Transition Program (SFTP) offers distinct and transparent pathways to retirement for full-time faculty. The SFTP allows eligible faculty members to reduce their full-time-equivalent percentage over one to three years until a set retirement date while retaining full-time health and welfare benefits. The retirement options and the development of this website were a result of 2016 recommendations made by the Dean’s Task Force on Senior Faculty Support and Transitions. The SFTP was created in direct response to faculty members who have expressed interest in retirement. It has been developed in a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for faculty scholarship, teaching accomplishment, and commitment to the school, as faculty move forward with a new phase of their careers.

The SFTP is available to School of Medicine faculty meeting the eligibility criteria that are outlined in the table below. For more information on the SFTP, please refer to the Senior Faculty Retirements Options Outline and the SFTP Frequently Asked Questions document. To confirm your eligibility and begin the enrollment process, please contact Program Coordinator, Jennifer Van Beek at [email protected]. Part of the enrollment process is the completion of a letter detailing the transition plan which is signed by the faculty member and their Department Director. Template letters: PRI Department Director Template Letter and ARPR Department Director Template Letter.

Senior Faculty Transition Program: Two Program Options


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