Clinical Distinction Pathway

The "Clinical Distinction" pathway is a pathway for promotion to Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Please review the criteria below.

For faculty members who are clinicians, clinical distinction comprises professional excellence, integrity, and empathy in treating patients. Recognition as one of the leading clinicians in one’s field, or as the leading physician for a particular condition, is an important consideration in assessing scholarly clinical achievements. Other elements of clinical distinction that are considered for a faculty member’s promotion include election to and leadership of distinguished medical societies relevant to one’s field, the application of new knowledge, and meritorious publications.

Clinical Excellence Awards

These awards are given out yearly.

Physician of the Year

Awarded to the physician who consistently achieves high standards in the practice of medicine and is looked upon as a role model by his/her peers

Innovations in Clinical Care

Awarded to the physician, nurse and/ or team demonstrating a visionary approach to problem solving and performance improvement.

(Armstrong Award for) Excellence in Quality & Safety

Awarded to the physician who partners with patients, families, colleagues and staff to optimize patient outcomes and eliminate preventable harm.

Excellence in Service & Professionalism

Awarded to the physician who actively promotes a culture that embraces, expects and rewards the delivery of patient and family-centered care.

Clinical Collaboration & Teamwork

Awarded to the physician, nurse and/ or team who engages colleagues in shared decision-making, fostering cooperation and open communication.

Best Consulting Physician

Awarded to the physician providing superior consulting or specialized services.