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Workshops and Courses in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

The Armstrong Institute hosts training opportunities throughout the year targeted to a wide range of health care professionals, from frontline staff to executives.

JHM Employees: These training opportunities are offered at no cost to you. However, workshop seats are limited. Get details

Our Offerings

Caring for the Caregiver: The RISE Program

Gain guidance and best practices on setting up peer-responder programs that deliver “psychological first aid" and emotional support to health care professionals following traumatic events.

CUSP Implementation Training

Improve culture and empower frontline staff to mitigate hazards using the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) in an interactive one-day workshop, online learning and remote coaching program.

Evaluating Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Prepare participants to evaluate quality improvement and patient safety projects in the following three areas: critiquing evaluations of projects; designing a robust evaluation of a QI/PS project; and conducting a small-scale qualitative study.

Human Factors Methods

See how the use of human factors engineering methods can identify and mitigate system problems that cause human errors and patient safety hazards in health care.

Lean for Healthcare 2-Day Workshop

Identify and eliminate waste in health care delivery, including reduced patient wait times, faster processing of medications, decreased risk of medication errors, less inventory and more patient-focused processes.

Lean Sigma 5-Day Green Belt Course

Discover powerful methods for optimizing flow and reducing waste while eliminating defects. Apply concepts and tools to health care-specific scenarios.


Gain patient safety and quality improvement strategies and resources with an in-depth introduction to Johns Hopkins Medicine's prioritized approach to delivering consistently safe, high-quality and high-value patient care.

Patient Safety Certificate Program (in-person)

Acquire key concepts, tools and skills to reduce preventable patient harm and be a change agent through performance improvement approaches -- such as Lean Sigma, Human Factors and Design Thinking.

TeamSTEPPS® Master Training Course

Tackle the teamwork and communication failures that can lead to patient harm by developing an effective, sustainable team training program that is tailored to your organization.


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