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Simu-Leader: Training in Leadership for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Simu-Leader: Training for Leadership in Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Improvement

Improving patient safety and quality of care remains a critical challenge for health care leaders, yet they have few opportunities to build the skills for managing this complex work or to test solutions in a safe environment. Through a grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory addressed this gap by creating an innovative, simulation-based management and leadership training course.

The centerpiece of the course is a team-based simulation in which four health care leaders work in a fictional online hospital environment to develop, implement and receive feedback on their performance improvement plans. In 2017, hundreds of health care leaders from across the world took the course as part of an initial evaluation study. We plan to publish the findings in the future.

Program Objectives

In this program, participants will:

  • Identify common issues in accountability across the organization including:
    • Role clarity, responsibility and feedback mechanisms
    • Organizational capacity for improvement
    • Availability of time and resources for improvement
  • Implement evidence-based management tactics for improving accountability.
  • Apply transformational leadership and cross organizational divides to accelerate the impact of management tactics.

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For more information about the study or ongoing simulation projects using the Simu-Leader platform, email

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