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Development and Evaluation of an Online Improvement Project Implementation Course for Anesthesiology Trainees

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The need to provide effective, efficient and safe patient care is the cornerstone of medical practice. However, most clinicians receive little formal instruction to prepare them to address the patient safety challenges they face in clinical practice. As front-line providers, residents are in an excellent position to analyze adverse events and help prevent their recurrence. Many of the patient safety goals specified by accrediting and national safety organizations focus on clinical problems largely handled by residents. Despite holding unique perspectives on these issues, residents are often detached from patient safety initiatives. Cultivating resident skills and experience in developing and leading patient safety improvement work is crucial for improving care in practice.

Our Goals

This project will develop and evaluate an online training module tailored to anesthesiology trainees (residents, fellows) that is designed to provide instruction and practical tools for planning, implementing and evaluating a patient safety project.

Principal Investigators: Deborah Schwengel (PI) and Lauren E. Benishek (Co-PI)
Research Team Members: Deborah Schwengel, Lauren E. Benishek, Bradford Winters, Sean Berenholtz
Funding Agency: Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation
Funding Support: $149,944
Dates: 1/1/16 – 12/31/17

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