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Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospitals Recognized for Patient Safety Success Announcing the expansion of the Armstrong Institute to Johns Hopkins Bayview Get concepts, tools and strategies to improve care at your organization with our eLearning program providing a unique collaborative, multidisciplinary environment for experts to work together to tackle the challenges of medical misdiagnosis Visit the new online destination that provides performance measures for Johns Hopkins Medicine
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Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

The Armstrong Institute's goal is to eliminate preventable harm to patients and to achieve the best patient outcomes at the lowest cost possible, and then to share knowledge of how to achieve this goal with the world. Created with a $10 million gift from C. Michael Armstrong, former chairman of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Board of Trustees, the institute also provides an infrastructure that, for the first time, oversees, coordinates and supports patient safety and quality efforts across Johns Hopkins' integrated health care system.

a human factors engineer observing how a clinical worker uses technology

Center for Health Care Human Factors
Our center is dedicated to improving the way that health care professionals, patients and families interact with care systems.

doctors and nurses reviewing laptop

Five-Day Patient Safety Certificate Program
Register for our five-day Patient Safety Certificate Program to key concepts, tools and skills that they need to reduce preventable harm to patients.


New Media Release
Armstrong Institute researchers collaborated with the World Health Organization in an effort to end surgical site infections in developing countries.

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The Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence

Johns Hopkins Medicine announced the opening of the Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence. The center, led by David Newman-Toker, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurology and otolaryngology and an internationally-recognized leader in diagnostic research and diagnostic safety, will enhance diagnostic accuracy, cut waste on unnecessary diagnostic testing and move the needle on eliminating preventable harms from diagnostic errors worldwide.

Simu-Leader: Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Through a grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory have created an innovative, simulation-based management and leadership training course.