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Johns Hopkins Pediatric Transplant Program is dedicated to providing the best care for pediatric patients at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and its community locations.

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Liver Transplant for Biliary Atresia | Alicia's Story

Alicia was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 3 weeks old. The family flew from Nairobi to Baltimore to get additional care and ultimately a liver transplant for Alicia at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. After finding out both parents were a match for liver transplant, Alicia's father decided to be the living donor for Alicia. Alicia became the youngest living donor transplant recipient at Johns Hopkins and possibly, in the country.

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Why Choose Johns Hopkins Pediatric Transplant Program for Your Child?

Multidisciplinary Team

Our diverse team of physicians and surgeons perform a variety of organ transplants and treat a broad range of conditions.

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Compassionate Care

We are committed to providing the best experience for every child under our care.

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Advanced Research

The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Transplant Program continues to make on-going discoveries in transplantation research, enhancing procedure methods and safety.

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Transition of Care

Our center provides continuous care from pediatric to young adulthood through the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant Transition Program.

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