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  • What to Expect

    Know what to expect during your experience at the Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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  • Meet Our Experts

    Meet the transplant team: surgeons, physicians, nurses, administrators and staff.

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  • Patient Stories

    See what our patients have to say about their experience at the Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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First Living HIV-to-HIV Kidney Transplant in the U.S.

Nina Martinez has been living HIV-positive for most of her life. Watch her story as she becomes part of history as the first HIV-positive living kidney donor in the U.S., donating to a recipient also living with HIV.

Living Donors

Living organ donation is a viable option for many transplant patients, and there are many benefits for both the donor and the recipient, such as improved health and better quality of life. Is organ donation right for you?

Charitable Giving

Make a gift to the Comprehensive Transplant Center and help us continue our enhancement of solid organ and tissue transplantation.

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Refer a Patient

If you have a patient you who needs to meet with a transplant specialist please contact the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center. 


The DONOR web-based app helps patients on the transplant waitlist tell their story about organ failure and their need for a transplant with the goal of identifying potential living organ donors via their friends and family on social media.

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