Patient Stories

Meet patients that have undergone organ transplants at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center and learn what you can expect.

Featured Stories

  • Combined Heart-Liver Transplantation: Kristine's Story

    Avid runner Kristine Stoehr was diagnosed with ARVD/C, she came to Johns Hopkins where she received a combined heart-liver transplantation.

    Kristine in her home
  • Heart Transplant: Marion's Story

    Marion Bennett was born with a congenital heart condition, transposition of the great arteries, and received a lifesaving heart transplant at Johns Hopkins.

    Marion in a hospital room
  • Kidney Transplant: Neil’s Story

    Neil Emmott struggled with polycystic kidney disease for 15 years until a paired exchange program resulted in kidneys for him and seven other people.

    Neil posing with his wife Lisa
  • Living Liver Donation: Jane’s Story

    Jane Kelly, a Utah veterinarian, had previously donated a kidney, and was willing to donate part of her liver to a stranger. Deborah, a Virginia teacher, was suffering with debilitating cysts on her liver, and became the recipient of Jane’s live donation.

    Jane on a hike with her dog
  • Kidney Transplant: A Lifesaving Friendship

    Patricia Littlefield developed kidney failure and received a kidney transplant in 2016 from her friend and neighbor, Judith Mroczka.

    Patricia smiling on a beach
  • Kidney Donation: Dylan’s Story

    27-year-old Dylan Matthews signed up to become a living kidney donor through the National Kidney Registry. His donation set off a transplant chain through the paired kidney exchange that allowed four people to receive new kidneys.

    Dylan Matthews at the National Kidney Registry’s 2017 gala