Comprehensive Pancreas Treatment

Johns Hopkins Pancreas Transplant Program

The Johns Hopkins Pancreas Transplant Program determines whether a pancreas transplant is necessary for patients with difficult to control Type 1 diabetes.

What Makes the Comprehensive Transplant Center Unique | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Transplant surgeon Benjamin Philosophe, M.D., Ph.D., discusses why patients should choose Johns Hopkins for an organ transplant and the advances in transplantation we offer, including those for patients who have been turned away by other programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Johns Hopkins Pancreas Transplant Program

If you can’t find your question please contact us to learn more information about our pancreas transplant program.

About Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Surgery | Q&A

Transplant surgeon Niraj Desai, MD, explains the pancreas transplant operation, the combined pancreas and kidney transplant and quality of life for patients after the surgery.