Veterinary CT

A veterinary CT scan can also be referred to as computed axial tomography, or CAT Scan or CT scan. This is an advanced type of imaging study where a veterinary patient must lie on a table (motionless) while x-ray beams are sent through the patient at various angles. A computer receives information from sensors on the CT machine and interprets that information to display an image. As the table moves (or the scanner moves around the table), a new slice is imaged at a specific time interval, such that an area of the body can be imaged. The images can range from black to white depending on the density of the tissue. 3D reconstruction images can be generated to show anatomic locations of disease and abnormalities. This information can be useful for surgical, medical and radiation planning.

How to Schedule with VCTN

Pet owners

Please contact us (preferably via email at [email protected] or by phone 410-614-0105) to inquire about scheduling an MRI. You should have your veterinarian(s) email us a copy of your pet’s medical record including any radiographs (x-rays) that have been taken of the pet.

Please include how soon you would like the pet to be imaged (i.e. asap) and if there are any dates/times that work or do not work for scheduling the procedure. You should plan on the pet being with us for half a day.


Fill out the attached referral form and email [email protected] a copy of the medical record, lab work and any radiographs.

Veterinary CT Frequently Asked Questions

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