Radiation Therapy for Pets (Dogs and Cats)

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Yttrium-90 (Y-90) is an isotope of yttrium and has a wide range of approved uses in human medicine to treat various kinds of cancer. Brachytherapy refers to the precision placement of a sealed radiation source placed next to or inside a tissue requiring treatment (e.g. a tumor).

A benefit of brachytherapy is that the irradiation only affects a localized area. In people, brachytherapy is commonly used to treat tumors of the skin, prostate, breast, and liver. 



How to Schedule Radiation Therapy (Y-90 Brachytherapy)  with VCTN

Pet owners

Please contact us (preferably via email at [email protected] or by phone 410-614-0105) to inquire about scheduling Y90 brachytherapy treatment. You should have your veterinarian(s) email us a copy of your pet’s medical record including any images (x-rays, CT, MRI), bloodwork and tissue biopsy results.


Please email [email protected] a copy of the medical record, lab work and any radiographs.

Radiation Therapy (Y-90 Brachytherapy) FAQs

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